Leaving on an Air Asia jet plane

Today is departure day. Rob and I have our bags packed and ready to go; our gear all fits into three carry-on bags. We have enjoyed catching up with a number of you over the past 2 months and have received much beautiful hospitality. There are definite benefits to this nomadic lifestyle!

We depart for Nepal tonight and arrive in Kathmandu Wednesday afternoon where we will spend the next 2 months working alongside an NGO who are establishing a café and beauty business to train vulnerable women in gaining skills for a secure job. We will be living with a local family who are a part of this NGO. Rob will be working alongside the business manger and I will work alongside those who are putting together marketing and design aspects for the business. The café is due to open early March. We are grateful to our dear friend Anne, who works for this NGO, for connecting us to this group of people. We hope to end our time in Nepal with a trek through some of the beautiful mountains.

The rest of our year has a brief plan:

April: We join our friend in Egypt to attend her wedding which will be a traditional Coptic Eritrean celebration.

May-July: Uncertain and unplanned.

July-Aug: We meet up with Servants team in Indonesia and spend some time living in a place very different to our own home.

Sept onwards: Uncertain but with some ideas.

We look forward to staying in touch with you all.

Mishal (& Rob)


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