No trip to the sub continent is complete without it! I’m home today resting from some of the best vomiting I’ve done ever. All good, the Travel Health App tells me to rest and to sip fluids. I think the worst of it has gone and I’m happy for the rest.

It’s a cold day here in Kathmandu, I’m sitting here in bed looking out my window. While the sun has come out, the altitude steals a lot of the heat. Bells sound from the little temple next door as the faithful come to pray. The field down below is filled with cows grazing on the dry grass. Some form of kite or eagle are circling overhead. This afternoon, boys will come down to play football or cricket. I don’t know where the cows disappear to when the field gets overrun by these younger ones. Beyond the field is an enormous Buddha statue that stands and points to the heavens.

I’m listening to Mark Colvin from ABC’s PM. It seems that the Queensland election result has sent some shockwaves down Canberra way. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out for the State. Viewing all the politics from afar, makes me realise how petty much of it seems. Aussie political problems fade quickly when reading the Himalayan Times. Without a constitution here in Nepal, there’s significant obstacles to overcome for the country going forward.

The picture below was taken from the balcony last night. The Mountains in the background can be seen if you look closely. This is looking north from our rooftop balcony, towards Patan. The “holy” Bagmati River cuts us off from downtown Kathmandu, revered by Hindus and which later flows into the Ganges. The rain last night has leached out much of the usual dust and smog in this picture. I look forward to recovering so that I can go and explore more.






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